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Since 2007


Small is the new power!

We are small, yet mighty!

And it allows us to remain independent

It allows us to chose the best partners in their fields of expertise for each project. We therefore offer the latest technologies and best practices.

It allows us to stay agile. A dedicated team of various expertise can be assigned to your project, but only when needed.

Eventually, it allows us to guarantee the highest level of expertise over the whole project: all the steps are designed, managed and made by the founder.



Your project is in good hands

ExactEtudes is your partner before being your supplier!

We think that working together, as partners, is the best way to reach a common goal.  

Sharing questions, knowledge, context elements, … helps to take better decisions.

This is the way we propose to work with our clients, as well as with our own partners: we have strong relationships with the best experts in a broad range of technical and methodological fields. It is key to reach efficiency.

At the end of the day, we get the best answers to your questions.

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What do ExactEtudes do?

We help companies to better understand their environment and their customers

Our goal is to help brands and companies to interact with their clients: we translate your business objectives into end users language. Then we translate their answers back into business insights. 

Our methodological expertise covers a wide spectrum, from the project design to the statistical analysis, on all kind of data collection methods (online/ offline, quant & qual). We operate internationally.

With a strong experience on Digital and Innovation, we address various topics:

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